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Who I am

My name is Peter Martin and I live in an old farmhouse in the Brecon Beacons, in Wales. I like to do research into consciousness in my spare time. Having a background in maths (a 1st from Oxford and a PhD) and 30 years of industry experience in software development, signal processing and artificial intelligence (AI), I take an engineering approach to this research. I have been closely following the findings of neuroscience researchers, developing a model of how consciousness could work, then implementing it in software to check out what works. I now believe I have a clear model of how consciousness works, so I am writing this blog and sharing the ideas in an e-book to find out what others think.   

For a more work-oriented take on who I am, my LinkedIn profile is here:

Why I am doing this

I was browsing around the internet one lunchtime, to pass the time, and came across an article on consciousness. It was a bit of shock, really, to realise that, despite knowing about AI software, physics and neuroscience, I had never come across a decent account of how consciousness actually works. Reading around the subject, and attending a conference of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC), I found that was because there wasn't I set about developing a model of consciousness that seeks to be complete, relatively easily explained to someone, yet implementable in software. Ultimately, I want to create something conscious and I am currently developing this.

What you can do

I hope you will be interested to read this blog as I add to it, to check out my e-book:

On the Mechanisms of Consciousness and to email me at: to discuss your own thoughts on consciousness. I will pick up on points you raise in future blogs. 

Dr Peter Martin
How consciousness works

A clear account of the

mechanisms of consciousness.

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